Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts Receivable Factoring keeps your capital working by turning your accounts receivable into immediate cash flow.

This is done through a third-party company or "factors" who will purchase your accounts receivable (invoices) in generally two phases. One, Immediate cash for as much as 90% of the invoice's total value. And two, upon full payment of the order(s) by your customer to the factor company, you will be remitted the balance less a small factoring fee. Reasons to Factor:

  • Obtain a source of working capital
  • Relief from responsibility for collection of no-pay and slow-pay clients
  • Fill more orders
  • Flexible funding program that increases as you increase your sales
  • Ability to take advantage of vendor discounts
  • To have funds for payroll and taxes
  • Extend credit to customers on large orders
  • Buy equipment or inventory on demand . . . and more!

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